The Energetic Posture
(Prithvi Mudra)

           This Mudra increases the Earth element in the body and balance it. This helps in decreasing weakness in the body. Ring finger represents Earth element. Ring finger also provides energy rays. As per Yoga Shastra, there is energy point on the forehead of every one and if we apply Tilak at that point with the Ring Finger and Thumb with good feelings, we can transfer our hidden energy to that person and increase his energy.

Procedure:- Join top end of Ring finger with top end of the Thumb with slight pressure and keep other three fingers simply straight.

Time Limit:- This Mudra can be practised in any Asana for unlimited time.


1. This Mudra helps in increasing weight of a weak person and makes it balanced. Those who want to get fat or increase their weight they must practise.

2. This Mudra helps in decreasing physical weakness of the person and make them stronger.

3. This Mudra is more powerful then any other tonic or medicine which is available in the market for getting strength.

4. Practise of this Mudra increases Glow, Splendor and Radiance in the body.

5. This provides Life energy to the person. With regular practise of this posture we can get happiness, vigor, become energetic and our body becomes healthy.

6. With the practise of this posture person gets free from mean mentality and become broad minded.

7. As per astrology this helps in Brahspati Grah and helps in increasing intelligence and memory in the person.

Caution:- This Mudra increase energy in the body hence we should be careful to not to misuse this energy.