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Colour Therapy

Cromotheraphy or Primary treatment is another name of Colour treatment.

This is one of the method for healthy treatment, which create happiness & also keep human body mentally as well as physically fit. Every colour is a sign of an energy which create a positive vibration in human body.

        With the help of our skin, natural lights enter in our body & after that colours & light activate harmons which create a change in emotions & develope the viberation for scientific changes in body structure & it also help body to be healthy.

        With this techniques Psychological colour mentaly & emotional people gets effective results.

Eg:- Blue colour give results in from of low Blood Pressure,
Sameway green colour keep u away from worries,
Yellow colours is a sign of motivation for good health in future.

This is an optional treatment.Colour treatment create a special impact on emotions & it also helps us to understand our feelings.