Sky Posture
(Aakash Mudra)

           This Mudra increase Sky element in the body. Whatever ailments developed due to decrease of sky elements, gets cure with this Mudra. Middle finger is related to the Heart hence this Mudra is very beneficial for the Heart.

Procedure:- Join top end of Middle finger with top end of the Thumb with slight pressure and keep other three fingers simply straight.

Time Limit:- This Mudra should be practised for limited time as per the need.


1. This Mudra helps in increasing awareness and increase feeling of Meditation. This also helps in soothing our feelings.

2. This Mudra removes weakness of the bones and decreases bone related pain. This posture gives strength to the bones and as soon as we practise this posture, we start getting calcium in the body. Hence this is very helpful in curing various bones related diseases. This also helps to decrease side effects of medicine like Steroids and Cortisone.

3. This Mudra is very beneficial in various ailments related to the Heart i.e. Blood Pressure, Angina Pain and irregular pulse. If any person is suffering by any heart related disease, he may find difficult to practise this Mudra, but with practise he can start practising it perfectly and also cure that disease.

4. This helps in giving strength to the teeth and removes pain of the teeth.

5. If anybody faces problem of stiff Jaw while yawning and could not close his mouth he should immediately rub his middle finger with the thumb or should play snapping with the middle finger.

6. This Mudra also gives benefits in the Ear Ache.

7. This Mudra provides energy and activeness to the body.

8. As per palmists this posture is helpful in those ailments which are related to Shani Graha.